Anglican Parish of Derby and Blackville

For those interested in Confirmation

Required Meeting

Sunday, October 29

6:00 – 7:00 pm, Basement Lounge, Holy Trinity, Blackville


All interested in preparing for Confirmation (youth and adult) are required to be in attendance.  If those interested are under 18 years of age then at least one parent (preferably both) must be in attendance, also. 


If it is absolutely impossible to be in attendance, you must speak to Fr. Gerry directly to make a private appointment before October 15.


If you know of relatives, including grandchildren, or others, including God children, who may wish to prepare for Confirmation, please share this announcement with them and have them contact Fr. Gerry.

Confirmation involves seeking and receiving the strengthening power of the Holy Spirit to enable one to accept and fulfill for themselves the promises made for them by parents and Godparents at Baptism.  A guideline for deciding if one is ready to prepare for Confirmation is to ask oneself if they are ready to take on the promises:

  1. To follow Christ and to turn away from and fight against evil
  2. To pray regularly, and to continue to grow and strengthen their prayer life
  3. To keep God’s holy will and commandments, walking steadfastly in the Way of Christ and to strive to be an example of Christian living
  4. To continue to seek to grow in the faith of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  5. To take their role in public worship


Parents and Godparents should be prepared to continue to teach and support those on whose behalf they made these promises by seeking to ensure they are taught the Faith – how to pray; the Commandments, etc – and to guide, support and bring them to take their place regularly in public worship. 

Please prayerfully consider this information.   If you have questions, please contact Fr. Gerry (843-6022) or by email at

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