Anglican Parish of Derby and Blackville

UPDATE on Monday, September 20, 2021: Our Bishop informed clergy this morning

he hopes to have more information early this week.   The Premier announced today, that as of midnight tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 21, masks are again mandatory for all indoor event, meetings and services – this includes Church services (funerals and weddings included), Sunday School and meetings.  Also,  As announced in the bulletin on Sunday, September 19, 2021::

Archbishop Edwards and other faith leaders met with Dorothy Shephard, Minister of Health, this past week to discuss the provincial government’s directives as they apply to Churches. At the time of the bulletin printing on Friday, we understand the following will be required beginning next Sunday:

1. signing in for the purposes of contact tracing (we may move back to registering for church each week)

2. sanitizing

3. mask-wearing,

4. Faith communities are being asked to assure the government that 90% of our worshippers are double vaccinated

5. Anyone attending or participating in funerals or weddings must be double vaccinated.

More to follow this coming week!












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